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GoDog - Smart guide for training and taking good care of your dog
A customized dog training and walking plan in an app that helps you socialize your dog and keep it well-behaved, fit, and happy
About GoDog
GoDog is your guide for making fast progress in training and socializing your dog
Personal dog training
Your dog is your friend and a big part of your life. However, building a proper owner-pet relationship can be challenging without professional dog training. The GoDog app helps you train your canine friend to be well-behaved at home and outside. It can serve as your pet’s personal trainer by assisting with effective communication and understanding between you and your pooch.
With GoDog, you can train your best buddy to obey your commands without skipping a beat. Our step-by-step lessons make the training process fast and easy. You can combine having fun with your beloved pet with effective teaching techniques. Using GoDog will help you save time and money, and avoid unneeded frustration.
Dog fitness tracking
Dogs are energetic and emotional creatures. It is crucially important to provide them with plenty of opportunity for exercise so they won’t act out, get depressed or lose fitness. You should take good care of their physical and mental health by ensuring they get the proper amount of exercise.
GoDog serves as your digital helper, to assist you with accurately tracking the length of your walks according to your pet’s individual needs. It will give you advice and keep track of whether the dog’s daily exercise requirements have been met. Based on the dog’s specific breed and its expected daily energy spending, GoDog calculates an average recommended walking time. Just take your phone with you for every walk.
GoDog is there for you to help you spend more quality time with your dog
Easy-to-grasp and reproduce lessons for your dog that assist you with essential behavioral training. Teach your puppy to be socialized and well-adjusted without overpaying for a dog handler’s services.
Walking tracker
Track your dog’s daily activity. Keep an eye on how much exercise it gets on a daily basis. It will help you adjust your walking routines to your dog’s specific needs.
Augmented reality
Watch every lesson in detail with our Augmented Reality feature. It will help you understand the mechanics of each movement better.
Clicker and Whistle
You can use these features to improve and strengthen the results of your dog training exercises. These training methods are gaining popularity for their ease of use and positive effect.
Interactive Dog Walking Map
See the other dogs being walked nearby on our convenient interactive map. Chat with their owners, and walk your doggies together for more fun and to help them get socialized with other pets.
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